About B J O I

Inspired by Earth and the natural world, B Joi Jewelry is intended to start a conversation about creating with our hands and from our hearts, a celebration of the incredible beauty in imperfections, and strives to maintain a human quality from inception to conception as a reflection of both maker and wearer.  My hope is for each piece to honor Earth, humanity, and to be loved as a tiny treasure from one day, one season, one generation, to the next.  All pieces are hand sculpted in Los Angeles and in an effort to reduce environmental impact jewelry is cast using recycled brass, silver, and gold.
Still reading?!?!  Well, if you're not bored already feel free to read more about me below... 

At the age of 8 I took my first art class… and then just never stopped.  During the first 15 years of classes I dove pretty deep into traditional fine art, getting my hands dirty in everything from pastels and charcoal to oils, watercolors, ceramics, pen and ink; the list goes on and on.  In college I took a lot of those same studio classes but started to focus in fashion design and photography, searching for something that let me creatively work with my hands and express what I was feeling inside.  

Along the way I had taken some jewelry classes but it wasn’t until years after college that I became obsessed with jewelry, particularly metal and how handmade jewelry was made in metal.  I came across the technique of Lost Wax Casting and immediately fell in love.  It was through this medium i finally felt like I was creating a vision from within as opposed to replicating what I was being shown.  The process is pretty badass and dates back like five thousand years (I could totally be making that up).  In very short terms, jewelry is hand carved in wax and then placed into a metal flask where plaster is poured, then cooked, where the wax gets lost in the process...hence the name Lost Wax Casting.  Molten metal fills the space once occupied by the wax and voila.  Jewelry is made.

I am so very far from a perfectionist, and if I had to label myself I would probably say I am a practicing imperfectionist.  I think that is why I embraced lost wax instantly.  It is such a forgiving medium to work with and allows for so much freedom throughout the entire carving process.  Don’t like something?  Just put some heat on that wax and everything changes immediately.  I am proud to say that every piece I make is handmade in LA with intention, endless love, tons of passion, a-lotta joi, and only small amounts of profanity.