Inspired by Earth and the natural world, B Joi Jewelry is intended to start a conversation about creating with our hands and from our hearts, a celebration of the incredible beauty in imperfections, and strives to maintain a human quality from inception to conception as a reflection of both maker and wearer. 

My hope is for each piece to honor Earth, humanity, and to be loved as a tiny treasure from one day, one season, one generation, to the next.  All pieces are hand sculpted in Los Angeles and in an effort to reduce environmental impact, jewelry is cast using recycled brass, silver, and gold.

BREANNA JOI was born and raised in SoCal and studied various Fine Art mediums starting at the age of 8.  It wasn't until years after college that she became obsessed with jewelry, particularly metal and how jewelry was made into metal.  While researching jewelry design, Breanna discovered Lost Wax Casting and immediately fell in love.  Far from a perfectionist, and possibly a practicing imperfectionist, the free flow nature of wax made perfect sense and in 2016, about 6 years after learning the medium, B Joi Jewelry was born   

THE PROCESS in very short terms, jewelry is hand carved in wax and then placed into a metal flask where plaster is poured, then cooked, and the wax gets lost in the process...hence the name Lost Wax Casting.  Molten metal fills the negative space once occupied by the wax and voila.  Jewelry is made.  

We are proud to say that every piece is handmade in LA with intention, endless love, tons of passion, a lotta joi, and only small amounts of profanity.