Jewelry Care

Jewelry should be worn and treated with love & care. The following are basic guidelines for keeping you and your jewelry looking good for a lifetime :

  • It does not like to get wet.
  • Please put on after you apply perfumes, lotions and hairsprays.
  • Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.
  • Believe it or not, regardless of price, jewelry that looks delicate is. Please treat it like fine silk.

Gold Care
Proper care of your gold jewelry will assure a long-lasting glow. Gold is tarnish-resistant, but it can get dirty or smudged. Every so often, clean your gold jewelry.  Do not use any kind of abrasive that might scratch the gold. Rinse and pat dry jewelry after cleaning

Brass Care
Brass is a metal that consists of a mixture of copper and zinc giving it that gold rosy tone. Just like most metals Brass tends to oxidize.  It is in it's nature to age beautifully through everyday wear and being exposed to the natural elements.  If you prefer to keep shiny use a jewelry polishing cloth.  Follow general care.

Jewelry Home Cleaning

1. Use a dry jewelry polishing cloth
2. Rub the jewelry till tarnish disappears


1. Use a small bowl with warm water
2. Add a few drops of mild/natural liquid soap (Castile Soap) to the jewelry
3. Rub the wet soft jewelry polishing cloth till the tarnish disappears
4. Pat dry on a soft dry cloth.